food meets



What a delicious combination.


At Banana Tree, we aimed to create an identity that put the origin and food quality at the forefront of the brand.


The key was to go beyond the graphic elements; using various materials, textures, and finishes we created a themed restaurant experience that took you back to the Indochina region, from where this cuisine originates.


Spotify / App Design

"branding as crazy

as kids!"


How do you brand a music app on Spotify targeted at hyper-active kids and their mums who want to shut them up through music?


You watch their funny facial expressions and create a careless character that they can relate to (well, that's how I did it anyway! - and it worked).

Identity Design / Neel Panchal

"lifestyle music"


Identity for a new boutique-style record label too cool to explain any further.

"fresh roots!"


How do you refresh the iconic 'Trojan Records' brand while staying true to its identity?


You take the brand back to its roots, and recreate the personality that the music is celebrated for. #GoodVibes

Trojan Design Music Record Label
Identity Design / Neel Panchal
Brand Design / Neel Panchal
Record Label Design / Neel Panchal
Logo Design Neel Panchal

"designing for a healthier option"


A brand to help you 'detox' from an unhealthy habit (smoking). The trick was to create something that stood for the outcome rather than what the actual product does

(an e-cigarette). This way by tapping into the emotion of 'detoxing', and 'cleansing' we were able to build a more lasting brand that related to the more health conscious consumer.

Identity Design E-Cigarette


Banana Tree Design

"clean fuel, cleaner brand"


To create a friendly and approachable brand that would benefit our environment by reducing oil pollution in our seas with the use of gas energy. 


Sea change. A life changing project.

SGMF / Identity Design
SGMF Brand Icon Design
SGMF / Stationery Design
SGMF Brand Design Neel Panchal
SGMF Design Campaign
Spotify App Design
Trojan Records Design New
SGMF Logo Design
Neel Panchal / Design
Spotify / App Design

"find that passion,

and make

it yours."

- this guy on the left

Art Direction / Neel Panchal

© Neel Panchal 2021


© Neel Panchal 2021

© Neel Panchal 2021

Art Direction / Neel Panchal